Amazing bubble ball

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Can withstand a maximum weight of 270 pounds!!!

Small: The ball can be blown up to 15.7''
The ball can be blown up to 23.6''
The ball can be blown up to 35.4''
It can be blown up to about 51.2''
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The Most Fun Toy of 2024

The Amazing Bubble Ball is where the fun is at! Your kids will play on this thing for hours! It's perfect for summer parties, on the trampoline, and in the backyard. You can even use Bubble Ball inside the house for wintertime or rainy day fun!

Your entire family will love playing with the Amazing Bubble Ball! It's super strong and is indestructible. You don't have to worry about it popping. Jumppounce, and play for hours!


    Durable Tear-Resistant DesignIndestructible TPR allows you to kick, punch, throw, jump, and sit on the ball without worrying about damaging leaks and tears.

    Air Inflation: The ball's unique design allows you to fill it up with air, depending on the occasion.

    Multiple Uses:Enjoy the balloon ball in many ways, including outdoor toys, parties, birthday gifts, stools, sports, beach ball, and other entertainment uses.

    Encourage Your Child To Play Outdoors And Interact With Others: This Giant Jelly Balloon Ball features the perfect design for interactive playtime outdoors. With a super versatile design, it's ideal for playing games between family and friends. Fill it up with air and use it for kicking, punching, throwing, and even sitting outside and indoors. This toy is the perfect solution for getting some exercise while still having fun!

    OUTDOOR FUN:Would you like for your child to spend more time outdoors? Then this Giant Jelly Balloon Ball is perfect! Thanks to a super fun and interactive design, it's an ideal way for your children to get fresh air and physical activity. Not to mention, bond with your kids and teach them cooperative play with others. This fun toy is ideal for a variety of entertaining circumstances, such as pool parties, birthday parties, or in your backyard on a sunny afternoon!

    Product Specifications

    Material: TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
    Product Dimension (if blown): 25-40 cm (9.8-15.7in)
    Weight: 30g/45g
    Age: 3+ years


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